Brazzers Father's Day Offer

Young college girls are shocked by what they are going to fuck

Sweet minx Marsha May and her sweet girlfriend Alex Little were returning home from school to prepare for the test together. Entering the house, the adorable girls found that a drunken father’s friend was sleeping on the couch, and a huge shnyaga sticking out from under his panties, which the cute girls had not seen even in pictures on the Internet. The owner of the house himself apparently also slept somewhere nearby and therefore the playful naughty girls decided to indulge in a little while in his absence. Sneaking up to the sleeping man, they took out his huge snag from his panties and decided to taste it … stupid, poor kids … when the man woke up, he flared up with righteous anger from such debauchery and punished the lustful nymphomaniac women with his mighty sausage. Being fucked by such a cock is the same as smoking an entire pack of cigarettes at once – this lesson girls will remember for a lifetime

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