Brazzers Father's Day Offer

Three naughty naughty girls begged Santa Claus gifts for the New Year

Dutch beauty Taylor Sands, her Romanian friend Shalina Devine and Russian cutie Alina Eremenko (Henessy) decided that it was enough to endure the antics of Santa Claus, who every year puts them in the book “Bad Girls” and does not hide anything under the tree … if he does not wants to give them gifts of his own free will, then he will have to catch him in the house of their excellent-student friend and take what is supposed to be taken by himself. Poor “grandfather” kicked and shouted that he needed to deliver gifts, but the impudent trinity was not in vain on the blacklist – they did not listen to pleas, persuasions, or even threats – they tortured poor Frost with their mouths, swallowing a hot dick up to the balls and putting him on his tight, wet pussies, helping himself in three hands … grandfather will never forget this New Year and perhaps now he will visit ALL naughty girls, counting on such a warm welcome. And he still left these dirty minxes a big, black present, with two dicks at each end, so that the sluts would have something to play with until next year

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