Brazzers Father's Day Offer

The birthday girl caught fire as her dad secretly fucks her young best friend

Home video on an amateur camera, which was dragged everywhere by a mature guy at his baby’s birthday party. All her friends and girlfriends came to the 18-year-old cutie, which the adult bumpkin could not rejoice in – he gladly filmed young girls on camera, unsuccessfully trying to frame them. The impudent girls of course sewed off the old dick, but one especially impudent one decided to have fun with her best friend’s father and showing him boobs, offered to postpone a blowjob. Hiding under the stairs, the young girl greedily sucked the penis of an adult, married man who fucked her mouth and, like a ram, filmed everything on camera … and everything would be fine if they had not been burned for this case. Outraged by their behavior, the birthday girl kicked them out, and she ran away in tears…

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