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Petite babe Mickey Reise has big problems on the kitchen table

The life of a young and lonely, fragile cutie Mickey Reise is full of big problems – starting with the fact that she, with her growth, has not to get out of bed, but jump down to the fact that she simply cannot have breakfast, having taken out the parental supplies from the top shelf – cereals , well, or at least porridge. Fortunately, a simple hard worker was poking at the door nearby, whom the owners of the house hired to fix the locks on the doors. a hefty Mexican hulk without difficulty helped the girl, as if throwing it on the table like a feather and taking out all the groceries for the cutie, for which the grateful little one thanked him right in the kitchen. The man’s member turned out to match his heroic growth and at first barely climbed even into the mouth of a sweet girl – but she tried, although she had to spread her beautiful, slender legs wider when a fat torpedo began to enter her narrow hangar

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