Brazzers Father's Day Offer

Married housewife Peta Jensen actively fucks the courier while husband is at work

A gorgeous lady with an ideal body and beautiful, elastic tits, waiting for her faithful and hard-working husband to go to work, called for a courier, whom she was going to fuck without a twinge of conscience. The young man did not even suspect what exactly was waiting for him – the lustful female pounced on him like a wild cat and dragged him onto the sofa, forced him to fuck her wet, tight pussy. The boy did not resist and obediently fucked the impudent housewife, developing with his finger her beautiful, anal hole, so much so that the bitch moaned, as if she was pushed by a black dick straight into the anus. Only after fucking the guy to a semi-faint state, she finally allowed him to leave … only it turned out that it was not even a messenger at all, but just a guy from the next house … now you also have to fuck with a real courier

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