Brazzers Father's Day Offer

Bearded Santa Claus fiercely fucks his skinny assistant in tight anal

A young girl, working in the factory of a kind grandfather Santa, got into the production of rubber toys, but instead of bears and bunnies, she converted the machines to the production of large, rubber dicks that could hardly fit in her pink pussy. Despite this fact, she stole her products from the warehouse and locked herself in the back room, near a decorated Christmas tree, began to try on new toys in her sweet holes – for this occupation she was caught by Santa Claus with a large, lush beard. Realizing that his assistant had been a bad all year … a very bad girl, the grandfather decided that you couldn’t get off with coal instead of a gift and he had to anally punish the slutty girl, putting her on his fat Klausian dick, from which the mean girl sobbed and whined, like a wounded elephant

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