Brazzers Father's Day Offer

A drunken bull fucks a young soccer player on the sly from his wife

Grown, married men were sitting, watching football and drinking beer, when a young cecpa of the fattest of them burst into the room and began to brag about winning the college championship. The drunken fat belly didn’t give a damn about her victories in the minor league, which upset the young cutie Layla London – she decided to prove that she, too, was already an adult and worthy of attention and, taking glasses of alcohol, got pretty drunk with the men, and when her brother and friends left for another room, began to pester a bald guy, whose wife was in the next room. The uncle was also already pretty drunk, so he did not break for a long time and deeply inserted his fat dick into the slobbering mouth of the sports bitch, furiously firing her tonsils … until his sidekick returned, accompanied by his wife. The guys quickly realized what was happening and covering their fucking friend with their backs

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